Top Wedding Day Gifts

When it comes to wedding day gifts, the more thoughtful the better in my opinion.


I spent hours researching the best gifts for my parents, future in-laws, bridesmaids and fiancé. The cost of the gift wasn’t the most important factor for me, but rather the significance and the practicality. I’ve found that the wedding market is oversaturated in very cute gifts that are also completely pointless – flask garters, custom wine glasses, monogrammed everything – the list goes on.

If you really want you wedding gifts to stand the test of time, make sure they are meaning enough to be saved for years to come, or practical enough to be used even after the wedding day has ended.

Here’s a look at the gifts I gave to my most special people on my wedding day.


1. My Bridesmaids

I knew I wanted to steer clear of the overly clique bridesmaids gifts, since many of my girls had already been in weddings that summer or had other weddings coming up. I didn’t want them to go home and wonder what to do with my gifts, or feel too guilty about throwing them away so they stuffed the items in the back of a closet instead.

First, I purchased the customary getting-ready robe from The Knot. I opted to not monogram or embroider the robe because a) I knew many of my girls were not into monograms and b) I knew the robe wasn’t “nice” enough to keep forever, so I wanted to make it easy to part with in case they really didn’t love it.

The navy blue color was super flattering and comfortable (a very good point to remember when selecting clothes for all your girls to wear!) and the waffle texture made the robe more durable than a slinky silk one.


I also gave my girls a Stella & Dot pouf filled with day-of necessities like granola bars, Kleenex, oil removing wipes, gum and makeup removing wipes. Again, I wanted the items inside to be things they would probably really want to have on hand that day, and a these poufs make awesome cases for makeup, travel accessories or just everyday storage!


It’s so easy to go overboard when selecting bridesmaids gifts, but the truth is 99% of the items available in the market are just not worth it. Spend your money on things your girls really want and need (like mints, gum and food!) and they will be so much more grateful than if they received another “bridesmaid” tank top.

2. My Parents

It was so hard to decide what to get my parents, since they had not only given me this incredible wedding, but also threw us a beautiful engagement party, planned an amazing bridal shower and helped my sister with my bachelorette party.

To say that a custom picture frame felt insufficient was an understatement.

However, much like bridesmaids gifts, there is an abundance of useless parents gifts out there too.

Since I had a feeling the day would be filled with happy tears, I opted for some beautiful and custom embroidered handkerchiefs for both my parents and my future in-laws as well.


I don’t think either of them actually wanted to use their gifts on the day of they wedding because they thought they were so beautiful, but they both have their handkerchiefs proudly displayed in their bedroom now.

You can find the handkerchief I gave my mom from Etsy here, and the one for my dad here.

My husband also wanted to get a gift for my parents, so I found these adorable mother and father of the bride mugs on Etsy that I knew they would love to use long after the wedding day had ended.

Photo courtesy of

3. My Fiancé

My now husband is a very practical man, so I knew his gift had to be something he would use, bonus points if he could use it on the wedding day. A beautiful leather watch seemed like the perfect gift, especially since he didn’t already have one.

I spent weeks research watches that I could afford, searing images of other grooms’ watches online and even asking Chase’s friends for their opinion.

In the end, the watch idea worked out perfectly! About a week or two before our big day, Chase mentioned that he couldn’t find his one silver watch, which I was afraid he was going to want to wear on our wedding day. Knowing he had zero watch options on hand meant he would love his new watch even more!


I truly wanted to get the underneath of the watch engraved with our wedding date, but unfortunately the brand I selected didn’t offer that option. In the end I knew that Chase wouldn’t be phased by it, but if you have the ability to engrave your groom’s watch, do it!

I love seeing him wear his wedding day watch to work or even just out to dinner. It just shows that a practical gift that can be used after the big day ends is so much more meaningful than a trinket kept in a closet.

What gifts did you give to your special people on your big day? Are these any amazing gifts I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments below!

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