Wedding Hashtag 101

One of the very first things my now husband and I did after we got engaged was pick a wedding hashtag.

Does this seem crazy? Probably. Was there a reason for our insanity? Of course!


I always knew I wanted to use our wedding hashtag to document our engagement, wedding planning process and the actual wedding day. Using a hashtag during this special time in your life is such an easy way to archive all of your incredible moments!

From saying yes to the dress and menu tasting, to preparing welcome bags with my mom and even the rehearsal dinner, our entire 18-month engagement is forever saved thanks to #HappilyEverArrighi.

Even better, I am able to see all of our guests’ photos and favorite memories too from the wedding day! This is a really great way to see your wedding from your guests’ perspective, as well as have some amazing photos to look at while you’re waiting for your professional photos to get to you.

I strongly encourage every couple to create and starting using their wedding hashtag as early as possible in their engagement. Then, once you have a hashtag, you need to make sure people know about it.

Here are a few great ways to really promote your wedding hashtag before and during your big day:

1. Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is the one place your know 99.9% of all your guests will go at least once to get a little more information about your big day, so why not put your wedding hashtag front and center for them all to see?

One easy way to do this is to make your URL your wedding hashtag.

We created our wedding website using The Knot, and were able to customize our URL so it read Although the fact that this is a hashtag but not be totally obvious to some of your guests, they’ll at least get accustomed to your catchy wedding phrase and then later one realize it is also the hashtag.

If you’re building your own website using Square Space or Wedding Wire, see if you can change the generic URL they usually give a couple to your own custom hashtag URL!

2. Your Invitations

When it came time to designing our wedding invitations, I knew I wanted to make sure our wedding website URL was in plain sight for all our guests to see, so they knew exactly where to go to get more information.

We used to create our invitations and put our customer URL (with our hashtag) right on the front of the invite. Since we were also doing online RSVPs through our wedding website, putting the URL with the RSVP date worked out perfectly.

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

The finished product not only came out beautifully, but the functionality was wonderful too!

3. Your Signage

I really wanted people to know at the wedding what the hashtag was, since I knew that was where most people would be posting and sharing their videos.

Our decorator made some amazing signs to help promote the hashtag and displayed them outside of our ceremony doors, as well as at our photo booth during the reception. This is a great way for guests to see it before the wedding starts, and during the party while they’re taking and posting the most photos.

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

Here are a few of my favorite hashtag sign inspiration photos from Pinterest:


4. Your Favors

Lastly, I wanted our guests to walk away from our wedding with not only a little token of our appreciation for celebrating with us, but a way for them to remember our wedding phrase too.

We design koozies that not only had a funny quote on them, but also used our wedding phrase/hashtag, so it was impossible for guests to forget!

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

Even today our guests joke about “Happily Ever Arrighi” and I love that our little catchphrase as stuck even after almost an entire year has gone by!

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

While friends certainly poked fun at me for the amount of wedding-related posts I shared during out 18-month engagement, I do not regret a single one, because I have the most incredible collection of memories instantly available to me right on Instagram.

A wedding hashtag isn’t for every couple, but if you have a social media savvy duo who wants to remember your big day in a digital way, properly creating and promoting your hashtag will go a long way in helping you preserve your memories.

Did you use a wedding hashtag? How did you promote it to your guests? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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