My 4 Favorite Wedding Cake Trends

If there is one thing everyone can agree upon when planning a wedding, it’s that the cake tasting is the best part. However, picking what you want the outside of your cake to look like can be trickier than choosing the inside!


I truly think your wedding cake should reflect your personality as a couple, as well as the overall style of your wedding.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding cake trends, including what we picked for our wedding last June!


When my husband and I were deciding on our wedding cake, we realized that we loved too many different kinds of cake to just stick to one or two flavor combinations! So, we opted for lots of different flavors and went with cupcakes instead.


We did a small cutting cake so that we could still have the traditional cake-cutting aspect of our reception, and then displayed the rest of our cupcakes for our guests to pick and choose as they pleased.

Our flavors ranged from Lemon Cream and Vanilla Beach, to Salted Carmel and Marble Cake, but the most special cupcake to me was our Red Velvet one.


Since we didn’t do a “groom’s cake” I worked with our baker to add a special surprise to my husband’s favorite flavor cupcake. On all the Red Velvet cupcakes, we added the Captain America shield, which happens to be my husband’s favorite superhero also.

I loved seeing his face when he realized what I had pulled of! I know it was very special for him to have something so meaningful and personal incorporated into our big day.


 Naked Cakes

If my husband had been on board with this cake trend, we probably would have picked it, but he isn’t as modern as I am I guess!

I really do love the modern cake wedding trend, especially for a rustic or laid back wedding. There is something so fun and easy-going about these cakes!

Courtesy of

Naked cakes can vary from a thin later or frosting, to hardly any frosting at all! I especially love the super “naked” ones decorated with tons of fresh fruit or flowers.


Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat donuts? I think donuts are such a fun trend for wedding cakes, especially if you’re a quirky couple who doesn’t mind being a little less traditional.

Donuts cakes are super versatile too! You can opt for a more interactive donut table, or layer up your donuts to make a cake.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Using donut holes is also a fun way to give your guests smaller portion sizes too. I love this idea of handing out donut holes in little paper cones! It’s very rustic and less messy for your guests.

Photo courtesy of

Cake Pops

I have a feeling cake pops will become the new donut cakes of wedding soon! These are so fun, and so much easier for guests to eat while still mingling and dancing the night away.

Photo courtesy of

I love the unique designs, colors and decorations cake pops can support too. You can certainly make your cake pops more traditional by sticking to neutral colors, or add some fun pops of color with sprinkles and a contemporary display table!

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

In the end, no matter what cake style you pick for your wedding day, it should definitely be something you’re looking forward to enjoying and sharing with your guests.

Make it fun, make it interactive but above all else, make it represent you and your future spouse!

What cake trends are you loving lately? Do you prefer the more traditional wedding cakes, or are the newer, more alternative cakes on the top of your list? Let me know in the comments below!

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