10 Tips for an Incredible Bachelorette Weekend

My sister-in-law’s bachelorette weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, is coming up, so I’ve got bachelorette parties on the brain!

When it comes to planning and throwing an incredible bachelorette weekend, I think there are some hard and fast rules you should always apply.


While it is obviously up to the bride on what exactly should happen during her own bachelorette weekend, I think if you are the Maid of Honor or helping plan the weekend, you should make sure you do these 10 things:

1. Know Your Bride

This is #1 for a reason because if you forget this, your entire weekend will be in jeopardy! If your bride is the life of the party and wanted an all-out rager of a weekend, then Miami, Vegas or New York City will fit her personality perfect. However, if your bride is more reserved and would rather just enjoy quality time with her besties, a quiet weekend at the beach or wineries will make her happier than trying to go clubbing all night.


2. Budget Before Anything Else

No matter how many girls are attending your bachelorette weekend, it will most likely be a pretty costly trip. Make sure to keep this in mind during your entire planning phase. Check out houses on AirBnB or HomeAway instead of a costly hotel, and if you do stay in a house, utilize the kitchen to make a few meals at home instead of dining out every day! I’ve found it’s best to create a pretty detailed itinerary beforehand to give your girls a better idea of what they’ll be doing each day and how much they should plan on spending. It’s even more helpful to provide links to restaurant menus so they can see what their meals will range from too. Also using Venmo to pay for various parts of the trip as you plan. This way girls can pay for each part of the weekend a little at a time, instead of being hit up with a $300 IOU when they arrive.

3. Make Reservations

Especially if you’re traveling in a group of five or more, you should 100% make reservations for every restaurant you go to! You would hate to get the whole group out of the house and show up only to find out you have a 90-minute wait and everyone is already getting hangry. Do some research ahead of time, call a few places and make sure you know exactly what time to show up to each place. This will keep everyone in good spirits and your bachelorette weekend timeline in check.


4. You Don’t Need to Be Matchy-Matchy

While Etsy is just brimming with cute bachelorette party t-shirts and tank for you whole crew, is $20 for a one-time tank top really worth it? I believe there are much better, and more affordable, ways to commemorate a weekend! I personally love making custom stadium cups through TotallyPromotional.com. This are perfect for a weekend of boozing, and make a great souvenir you know your girls can actually use again!


5. Make Your Bride Feel Special

I will never forget how amazing my MOH made me feel on my own bachelorette weekend! From making sure my glass was never empty, to even running to the grocery store because I forgot my tooth brush, it was so special to see how much she wanted me to have the best weekend ever. A girl only get one bachelorette party, so make sure you go the extra mile for her (it’s only for a few days!).




6. Allow for Some Down Time

You don’t need to cram every imaginable activity into 72 hours for the best bachelorette weekend! Instead pick a few major activities, and then leave some room for a spontaneous trip or hanging out in your house or hotel. Not only will this help your budget (hanging out is free!) but it will keep your guests from feeling like they’re on a field trip with no control.

7. Share the Schedule

As I mentioned before, it’s a good idea to create some sort of itinerary to give your girls ahead of time so that they know the general plan for the weekend. This is always a great way to help them know what to pack too! I like to include a short packing list with my itinerary so girls feel prepared for the weekend. If you have specific times for things happening, like reservations or a limo arrival, be sure to include those. Otherwise, just putting the various activities for the day will be helpful too.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.57.22 AM


8. Splurge on Some Decor

While it may seem silly to spend extra money on things like banners, balloons or tassel garland, decorating your house or hotel for a bachelorette weekend is one expense I think is worth it! When else can you get away from glitter and garland all over a room? Etsy has awesome adorable bachelorette decor items, but you can also find some more affordable options at Michael’s or AC Moore, or even DIY some yourself! This will set the mood for an amazing weekend, and makes for some great photo opps too!


9. Remember to Eat

While day drinking and boozing all night is fun, it can also lead to some hungry (and cranky!) ladies. Make sure you have plenty of food options nearby, and if not, be sure to stock your house or hotel with some snacks. I always like to ask for $20-$30 for each girls head of time to go on a quick Costco run prior to the trip to make sure we have plenty of drunk munchies on hand. From chips and salsa, to popcorn and even some sweet treats, it’s helpful to have some items with you so no one gets too hungry (or drunk)!

10. Bonus Points for Social Media

You all know I love a good hashtag, and a bachelorette weekend is the perfect time to get creative! I wouldn’t recommending using your wedding hashtag for your bachelorette weekend too, so instead think of something that is all about the bride and her special trip. Another awesome idea is to create a custom Snapchat geofilter for the weekend too! If you’re renting a house, you can put the geofilter around your place, or if you’re bouncing from one spot to another, add the geofilter to your various weekend locations. You can create your own geofilters on snapchat.com, or purchase some incredible ones through Etsy! This will be a fun surprise for the bride and shows you went the extra mile to make her weekend so memorable.


Do you have some awesome tips for a memorable bachelorette weekend? Leave them in the comments below!


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