Cancun Honeymoon Recap

Although it seems like just yesterday, it was over a year ago that my now-husband and I honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico at the Excellence Riviera Cancun.

It was truly the most wonderful week and I still catch myself day dreaming about the incredible views, amazing good, never ending drinks and incredible memories we made there.


If you’re considering Cancun for your honeymoon, I strongly urge you to check out Excellence Riviera-Cancun! While this post is quite lengthy, I wanted to share every amazing moment of our trip day-by-day, so hang in there and enjoy!

Day One

One of the reasons we opted for Cancun was the considerably quick travel time required to get there. Since we leave near D.C., it was very easy to fly to Atlanta, do a quick lay-over and then get to Mexico before noon! We both wanted to just start out honeymoon as quickly as possible and spending 8+ hours in the air did not seem like the idea way to kick off our marriage.

We were also spoiled by our family with a private car to pick us up at the airport and take us to the resort, which I was extremely grateful for once I saw the chaos that awaits outside the Cancun airport! The blasting air conditioning and chilled water waiting us inside our Escalade did not hurt either.


Once we got to the resort, our room wasn’t ready yet, but we were promptly handed champagne and started touring the resort. It’s better than any website photos I heavily stalked the 12 months leading up to our trip, and I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire day/week.


We started with lunch at the restaurant built over the main pool, and celebratory margaritas were obviously in order! The food was ah-ma-zing, but I’ll get to more of that later!

After lunch we quickly changed into our swim suits to finish waiting for our room poolside.


Once we finally got our room, we could not have been more excited! We opted for a garden view room, which obviously didn’t have the any incredible ocean views, but was still quaint, private and very beautiful! The rooms seem so large – especially after staying in so many hotels rooms for my job – complete with a couch and sitting area, an outside sitting area, and a desk.


We quickly broke into the min bar – which was all part of the all-inclusive package – grabbed our beers, and headed back outside to finish soaking up the sun on our first day in Cancun.



Since we both LOVE Mexican food, we knew our first meal in Cancun had to be at the resort’s Mexican restaurant, Agave. Chips & salsa, guacamole and margaritas were non-stop that night! We also had to be the typical honeymooners with our selfie-stick – that broke a few days into our trip –  but we were at least able to capture a few cute photos together!



Side note – the entire day I had been seeing suite doors with banners that said “honeymoon” or “wedding” or “anniversary” and I kept asking Chase when our door would be decorated! We assumed once our room was ready, but it wasn’t, and when we left for dinner we still had no sign. We finally decided we might just steal someone else’s if we didn’t have one by the time we came home from dinner.

Sure enough, our door was proudly decorated when we returned from dinner (we even took the banner home and had it on our bedroom door in our apartment for a week fews after we returned lol!).

To top off an incredible night, we entered our suite to find adorable swan towel creations and rose petals on our bed, a sweet note to the new Mr. & Mrs. Arrighi, and chilled champagne waiting for us. It was truly the most wonderful way to end the first day of our honeymoon.




Our first full day in Cancun was all about relaxing. We started off with breakfast delivered to our room, and then headed to the pool for mimosas and Rum & Cokes.


We did some exploring around the resort and for lunch we were able to have fresh tacos right on the beach! Seriously, when I was envisioning my honeymoon, tacos on the beach was all I wanted, so this was a dream come true.





For our afternoon, we actually schedule a couple’s massage at the resort spa. This was Chase’s first massage and spa experience, so it was pretty entertaining to see him squirm around in his robe and say that the tiny masseuse was “hurting” him!

The Miilé Spa at Excellence Riviera Cancun

After our massages we got some coffee and sat on the beach for a little big longer, and then hit the gym together before getting ready for dinner.


For our second dinner in Cancun we decided to go to Spice, the resort’s pan-Asian restaurant, for some amazing sushi. The sunset that night was also so gorgeous and we couldn’t stop trying to get the best photos of it!





The food was amazing and we ate more sushi than we could believe! After dinner there was a Madonna Show happening at the outdoor theater, and then we headed back to bed to get ready for day three.


We woke up at the crack of dawn on day three to get ready for our early morning tour at the Tulum Ruins. We wanted to do the earliest tour possible so 1) it wouldn’t be hot as hell outside while we were walking around and 2) we could still enjoy some time at our resort that day.

While our day didn’t go quite as planned due to some unexpected surprises with our tour company…we still had a great day and saw some incredible views!




I seriously could not get over just how blue the water was! It was the most unreal color I had ever seen, and as you can tell, we couldn’t stop getting photos!




I know there are a few options for ruins tours in Cancun, but I highly recommend going to Tulum. The drive is a little bit longer than Chichen Itza, but the views and beach make it so worthwhile!




We didn’t get back to our hotel until the late in the afternoon, but we were able to enjoy a few more hours on the beach with some pizza and piña coladas of course.


For dinner we went to the resort’s tapas restaurant, Flavor Market, and it might have been one of my most favorites meals of the whole week!


First of all, they had the most amazing sangria, which was very refreshing after all the margaritas we had been drinking for the past three days! Let’s just say, I enjoyed quite a few glasses…


The small plates too let us try a ton of different dishes too! We must have ordered 12 times, I’m not even kidding. Our waiter probably thought we were crazy, but the food was so amazing and we wanted to try almost everything at least once!


We spent the rest of the night watching a fire show at the resort – with more beverages of course – and enjoying another gorgeous night in Mexico.


We had mostly only ordered breakfast to our room so far during the week, so we decided on day four to go to The Lobster House for breakfast. The Lobster House was an open air restaurant situated above the main pool with views of the ocean too.



Some mimosas and French Toast was the perfect way to kick off day four and get ready for our zip lining adventure happening later that day!




One thing that Chase absolutely wanted to do in Cancun was go zip lining, so we found a very highly rated zip lining company that also included a visit to a cenote for swimming too.

Our a short trip to the zip lining place, we got suited up and hit the ropes! We didn’t get any photo of this since all our belongings were locked away, but it was truly an amazing adventure! I had never been zip lining before, so I was pretty nervous the first time, but by the end it was not scary at all and so exciting. It was also an amazing way to see the jungle views of Cancun.

After the zip lining part was done, we had the option to also visit a cenote, which is like a naturally formed swimming pool. There was a huge rope swing set up at the top of this cliff for you to swing down into the cenote from, and despite the terrifying appearance, it was an incredible experience!



After the cenote trip, we were able to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal (which was amazing!) before heading back to the resort.




We had to sneak a few selfies and kisses while waiting for our van to leave too 🙂



We were able to get a few more hours of sunshine at the pool in once we returned to the hotel, and then we got ready to get some pizza for dinner that night.


After dinner, we got a few drinks at the lobby bar, and then got seats for the Michael Jackson show at the outdoor theater.




By day five, I was started to freak out at how quickly our dream honeymoon was flying by! But as usual, Chase calmed me down by reminding me how much time we had left to enjoy Cancun.

We took a break from our excursions this day, which was nice after it felt like we had spent so much time on buses and traveling outside of our gorgeous resort. We found the most amazing breakfast buffet – and spent the rest of the week kicking ourselves for not finding it sooner – and after stuffing ourselves silly, went and sat by the pool for the rest of the day.


My main goal for this day was to get this crazy drink the resort served out of a real coconut. They only served them twice a week and only had 75 coconuts, so it was pretty important you didn’t miss out on “Coco-Loco Time!”

Luckily Chase and I were seated right near the hut where they served them, so the second we saw them started to set up, we ran over to get our spot in line.



I’m not even entirely sure what was in the coconut – I think the mentioned five different kinds of alcohol? – but it was delicious and SO worth the effort to get one!


That night for dinner we had a very special reservation planned for a romantic, private dinner out on the beach. This was one thing I knew I wanted to do while on our honeymoon and the experience was even better than we imagined!


We were greeted at the beach with champagne and a resort photographer to take some photos of us. I was very worried about having some super cheesy photos taken, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they turned out beautiful! While they were a little pricey to purchase, I will be forever glad to have these amazing images of us from our honeymoon and they were truly worth every penny.



Our meal was so incredible too. We ordered a bottle of rose and enjoyed a three-course meal with our own private waiter, as well as a musician too.


While I don’t totally remember what we both ordered to eat, I do remember it being delicious! Based on the photos I would say Chase ordered some kind of surf & turf and I got a fish, but we both couldn’t believe how amazing everything tasted.

We also had a special dessert just for us, and then took a walk along the beach to enjoy the rest of the sunset.

We finished the night with a walk along the beach to enjoy the rest of the sunset. Our beach dinner was seriously one of the best nights of our honeymoon and I highly recommend taking advantage of it at your honeymoon resort!



Our second to last day of our honeymoon was so bittersweet! We loved knowing we had two days left in Mexico, but it felt like it was going by so fast!

We went to our new favorite breakfast buffet again and enjoyed some more time by the pool before going to our next excursions – swimming with dolphins!





I had never swam with dolphins, but it was certainly something on my bucket list, so it seemed like the perfect activity for our honeymoon! I couldn’t believe how smooth their skin was, or how powerful they were when they swam. Definitely almost lost my bathing suit bottoms a few times…



Our dolphin, Pablo, was so sweet and we had the best time sharing this experience together!



We returned to our resort and enjoyed some treats from our mini bar while soaking up a few more hours of sun before getting some Italian for dinner.

IMG_2012 (1)

IMG_2010 (1)



Our final day in Cancun was so surreal! I couldn’t believe how quickly our honeymoon had flown by. We decided to truly enjoy every second of the day, starting with a romantic breakfast in bed courtesy of room service.



Since we were truly embracing our last day of Cancun though, we decided to get a quick second breakfast at our favorite buffet one last time!


The rest of the day was spent at the beach and pool enjoying every last mimosas, margarita and piña colada we could get our hands on.

We were so excited to find out that we were able to catch one more “Coco-Loco Time” on the beach too! Why are drinks so much better when they’re served out of a giant coconut?!



For our final meal in Cancun, we went back to Agave the Mexican restaurant where we were treated to a special, “romantic” meal, complete with a rose petal decorated table.




We were also treated to a mariachi band performance, and they were very persistent in getting photos with each of us LOL!



Another incredible meal with plenty of guacamole, margaritas and chips was the perfect way to end our final night in paradise.


Our flight home wasn’t until later in the day, so we were able to get a few final hours in at our resort on our last morning.

We stuffed ourselves silly at out favorite breakfast buffet – and we still haven’t stopped missing this place either!


After breakfast, we strolled on the beach and continued an Arrighi family tradition of getting a sand photo of our “new” last name.


One final round of piña coladas was certainly in order too!


Saying goodbye to our gorgeous suite was so hard! It was seriously the best week every and a dream come true.



It was certainly hard saying goodbye as our airport shuttle came to pick us up, but knowing we had so many exciting things waiting for us back home made it easier. Once back home we quickly dove into life as new-puppy parents to two adorable pups and then bought a new house!

While it seems like now our week in Cancun went by in a blink of an eye, we truly loved every second of our time in Mexico and I cannot wait until the day we can return for another amazing week in paradise.


A HUGE thank you to Excellence Riviera Cancun for being the most amazing honeymoon destination we could have ever been to!



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  1. Nicole says:

    Love your post! This has me so excited to visit their sister resort, Excellence Playa Mujeres, in August for our honeymoon! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you guys go for ziplining? We are trying to find a good place to go! 🙂


    1. Hi Nicole! This is a very similar tour to the one we took at the same place, but this one has an ATV option as well – But we found our tour on the Viator website. Thanks!


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