5 Hotel Room Workouts to Help You Stick to Your Wedding Fitness Routine

This most is a little different than some of my previous ones, but since I am traveling this weekend, I’ve been thinking about about easy workouts that you can from your hotel room.

Photo courtesy of @toneitup on Instagram.

I’ve been to a few hotels that promised a great gym, but when I showed up it was more like a closet with two machines and a jump rope. While that’s certainly better than the hotel with no gym at all, sometimes a treadmill just doesn’t cut it.

I’m sharing below my favorite hotel room workouts that you can do without any weights, as well as a few that involve some easy-to-pack equipment.

These are all Tone It Up workouts, which is one of my favorite fitness brands! If you’re looking for an awesome fitness community to help you stay on track, definitely check TIU out.

Tone It Up HIITy Bitty Bikini

Warning: This workout is 🔥🔥🔥. Whenever I’m traveling and just need to get my heart rate up and burn some calories, this is my go-to. While they do use weights in the video, and you certainly can as well, I usually just do this video in my hotel room with no weights. I am still practically dying by the end, and I promise you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Tone It Up Coachella Booty & Abs Workout

This is a little bit longer of a workout, but if you have the time, it is a great one you can do with limited space. Your booty will be burning by the end of this one, and the ab circuit at the end is a killer too!

Tone It Up Cardio Core

This is a super quick ab workout that involved a little cardio too, but it’s a great one to pair with any of the other workouts mentioned here. You could also do this after a run or even just a long day walking around! The circuit is repeated twice in the video, so you could do the whole thing a few times through for an even better workout.

Tone It Up Bombshell Booty

This is a great and quick lower body workout that is perfect for a small hotel room. You do need a pair of sliders, but can also use paper plates on carpet, or towels on tile/hardwood floors. If I really want to get a great, quick workout in, doing tons of lower body and booty always makes me feel better!

Tone It Up 12-Minute Booty Burn

This is another very effective but quick workout that only requires some booty bands. You may not think this workout will hurt, but trust me, you’ll feel it the next day! I love being able to use the booty bands too because you can adjust the level of resistance you want based on how you’re feeling.

I know when I was getting ready for my wedding, I had tons of conferences and work commitments that kept me traveling and staying in hotel rooms. Knowing you can still stick to your workout routine, no matter what space is available or amenities your hotel offers, is such a great feeling.

Let me know know what hotel room and travel workouts you all love to do in the comments below!

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