Using Azazie for Bridesmaid Dresses

I am always on the hunt for a great bridesmaid dress option – especially after having some bad experiences! Whether it’s the right price, great customer service or a fit that actually fits, finding a bridesmaid dress you and your girls like, or even love, is HUGE in my book.


When my friend Brooke told us over the summer about, I was a little skeptical. I definitely have always been drawn to the most expensive, designer gowns, and was a little hesitant to trust a site with their own products.

However, all of Brooke’s bridesmaids ended up loving our Azazie dresses, as well as the service we received during the buying process! Here is a quick breakdown of my experience with Azazie and why I loved it so much!

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

Try On Dresses

One of the first things that really impressed me with Azazie with their option to “buy” a try on dress before committing to a full purchase.

For $10 a dress, you can “buy” up to three dresses to simply try on. You can only keep the dress for a few days, but the return shipping is free and this is a great way to check out a few different styles you’re torn between.

While you don’t get to pick the exact color of the dress you’re trying on, you at least get to see how each style fits you, and it gives you a great idea of what size might work for you as well.

Before Brooke’s wedding, I got three different try on dresses in two different sizes. The first was a one the Molly dress because I was immediately drawn to the one-shoulder style. I got it in a size A6 (I am usually between a size 6 and 8 in dresses) and noticed right away that I might need a custom size. I wasn’t able to size up the 6, but the bust area was way too big on me. While I loved the one-shoulder look, the ruching at the front of the dress was not flattering one me either.


I also got the Bonnie dress in a size A8, and while I was able to zip this dress up, the bust area was wayyyy too big on me. The overall style of the dress just wasn’t my favorite either, but I was glad to see that a true size A8 wasn’t quite the right size on me either.


A few weeks later I also got the Melinda dress sample in a size A8 and also wasn’t in love with the dress. I do think I might have liked this dress more if it came in a different color, but I just wasn’t 100% sold on the cut based on the try on I received.

While none of my samples were a home run for me, being able to try on a few different styles definitely helped me figure out that a custom size dress was the best option for me!

I decided that of all the samples I got, I loved the one-shoulder look the best, but the ruching on the Molly wasn’t flattering. The next one-shoulder dress I loved was the Vanessa, but it wasn’t available in an A8 for me to try on. I figured trying on a size that didn’t fit would be a waste of time, and since I new how the A6 one-shoulder fit, I decided to just go for it and order the Vanessa in a custom size.

Custom Sizing

Luckily since I had had my own measurements taken just a year before for my own wedding dress, I felt a little more confident measuring myself for my Azazie dress. They ask for five different measurements (bust, waist, hips, hollow to floor and height) as well as how much extra length you need for your heel height.

I took my own measurements and compared them to my wedding dress measurements to make sure I wasn’t totally off and gave myself a little extra room just in case. I also went for 4″ in extra length since I knew I was going to be wearing 4″ heels.

I was definitely nervous when the dress arrived but I was shocked to find that it fit almost perfectly! The only area that needed some alterations was the length, which was way too long even with my heels on, but other than that it felt comfortable and fit well in all the right places.



After trying on so many dresses, putting on the Vanessa and not only loving the style and cut, but feeling so comfortable and confident in it was the best feeling ever!

Alteration Refunds

Azazie does offer up to $75 in alteration refunds for a custom size dress (based on the price of your dress), which I was so happy about. Since the dress had three layers and is very thick, the seamstress I went to ended up charge me $80 for the hem to be shortened, so being able to get $50 back from Azazie really helped with that expense.

All you have to do is send in a receipt of your alterations and you are issued a refund within a few days! So easy to do and definitely provides some peace of mind when it comes to a custom size.

Overall like I said, all of Brooke’s bridesmaids were so happy with these dresses! We especially loved how thick the fabric was, since it was a chilly, November wedding, and the color was so incredible in person. We also loved the color we ended up going with (Burgundy) and it looked so beautiful in person!




We each were able to pick a dress style that we liked the most and fit our body type the best, and since the bride was able to tell us the exact color to order, we didn’t have to worry about the colors not coordinating or matching.


If you are having trouble finding bridesmaid dresses that work for your entire group, or are looking for an easy way to mix-and-match dresses that flattering each of your girls, I highly recommend Azazie!

Also a HUGE shout out to the incredible wedding photographer RJ from Sam Stroud Photography for all these beautiful images!

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