5 Tips to Picking the Right Bachelorette Party House

When it comes to planning a bachelorette party, there are a ton of details to consider. Location, dates, guest list, transportation, activities, decor – it never ends.

However, one crucial element to an amazing bachelorette party that you can’t afford to overlook is your accommodations! While sometimes it’s easy to opt for a hotel, I strongly encourage renting a house through AirBnB.com or HomeAway.com for a few reasons.


First, having a house means you have a kitchen and a full size fridge, which means you don’t have to dine out for every single meal. This is a huge way to save money! You can plan a few fun meals out, but now you also have the option of making brunch at home, or throwing a few pizzas in the oven for a girls night in too.

Also, if you can score a house with an awesome deck or pool, you now have some built-in activities you can do at home instead of always having to go out (and spend money) to fill time in your weekend.

However, when picking the right house for your bach weekend, there are a few important things to consider. After researching hundreds of houses for various bach party over the years, here are a few things I’ve learned.

IMG_0078 copy

1. The Price Listed On the Search Results Isn’t Always the Final Price

It can be exciting to go through your search results and see incredible homes with a tiny price tag, but beware – usually that is their “general” price and doesn’t always reflect the dates you’ve selected to stay.

Make sure you actually click into the listing’s page and either view their rates page, or most sites will give you a specific breakdown of the house’s price for your selected date. Also, don’t forget things like cleaning fees, deposits and taxes – those will definitely affect the final price as well.

2. Just Because It Says It Sleeps 12 People Doesn’t Mean It Sleeps 12 People Comfortably

This is also an important detail to carefully look into! When a house says it can accommodate a certain number of people, it’s usually the max limit and doesn’t necessarily mean it can sleep that many people in beds. I always look into the breakdown of beds in each room, as well as what size each bed is, before committing to a house. You’ll usually find there is a sleeper sofa listed somewhere and let’s be honest, no one wants to sleep in on a sofa bed.

Before you book a house, make sure that each of your guests has a bed to sleep in, or at least warn them that someone may have to crash on the couch to avoid any drama on the first day of your trip.

3. This Is Not a Time to Skimp on Bathroom Space

Another important thing to look into when picking a house besides beds is bathrooms. Sometimes you’ll find an amazing house, but then realize it only have 2.5 bathrooms – that means two showers for your whole squad of ladies. If you all are great at taking turns than this might work out well, but if you have 10 girls and they all need to shower before going out to dinner, this could get tricky.

Most rental listings will include a breakdown of bathrooms and say if there are half-baths, showers, tubs, etc. in each bathroom. Another great way to scope out the bathroom situation before hand is to read the reviews from former guests. If they had any issues, they’ll let you know here, I promise.

4. Beware of Looming Owners & Maintenance Men

I always make sure when I’m looking on AirBnB for a rental to check the “entire house” option because I personally don’t like the idea of staying in a stranger’s house while the owner is still present. However, some rental website don’t provide this option, so you have to be diligent in making sure the owner won’t be on the property with you during your stay.

Usually in the property notes an owner will (and should) list that they either live in a small guest house on the property, or will be in a downstairs apartment during your stay. Most will say that they keep to themselves but are available for any emergencies, but if that is something you’re not comfortable with, it’s good to know before you put any money down.

Also check for things like landscapers or maintenance staff who may also be on the property. If your house comes with any type of pool or hot tub, the owner sometimes states that a worker maybe there in the mornings to clean out the filters and prep the pool, or to take care of other maintenance issues. Again, if this is something you’re not comfortable with, you definitely want to know that ahead of time.

5. Details Are Important

Lastly, I encourage you to always thoroughly read through the property description and rules just to ensure that you are fully aware of everything included with your rental, as well as what is expected of renters.

Some things to look for include the check out process (usually you’re asked to run the dishwasher, strip the beds and take out the trash), how many cars are allowed to park at the property or in the driveway, any noise ordinances or rules in the city or town where you’re staying, as well as if large parties (especially bachelor or bachelorette parties) are allowed are not.

It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect house for your or your friend’s bachelorette party, but a little extra time and attention when selecting your accommodations will go along way in ensuring you have the most memorable weekend!

If you have any great tips when it comes to finding or picking bachelorette party houses, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below or on my Instagram @thebetterbride.

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