Wedding Snapchat Geofilter 101

The latest trend for weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers and pretty much any event is having a custom Snapchat geofilter. A Snapchat geofilter is a great way to personalize your event and adds a fun and festive way for your guests to engage with your party on social media.

The best part about Snapchat geofilters is that you don’t have to have a big budget to get your own – most geofilters start at just $5!


If you’ve always wondered how to create or upload your own custom geofilter, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be breaking down the process step-by-step for you here!

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1. Log into your Snapchat account at and select the “Geofilters” menu options.


2. Select the “Personal” geofilter option.


3. Select the “Upload” button under the “Upload Your Own” header. If you want to use Snapchat’s tools to create your own, you can skip this step.


4. Once you upload the PNG file you want, you’ll see it appear in the iPhone template on your screen.


5. When your geofilter is the way you want it to look, select the “Next” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You will then be taken to the scheduling page. Select the date(s) and times you want your geofilter to run – be sure you are scheduling your geofilter in the right time zone too!


6. Once your date(s) and times are selected, you can now create a geofence for your geofilter. Start by typing in the address of where you want your geofilter to appear in the upper left-hand search box. The location you’re looking for should appear, and once you’ve clicked the correct address, it will appear in the map area of the screen.


7. Then select the “Draw Geofence” button on the bottom center of the screen. You then can create your geofence by clicking around the perimeter of your location with our mouse. You will see lines formed based in our clicks and when you have closed your shape, it will become shaded in green.


*You can always adjust your geofilter’s run date(s) and times and see the price change based on your changes. A geofilter’s price is based upon the size of your geofence and the duration you want it to run.

8. Once your geofence is complete and you are ready to purchase, select the “Checkout” button on the bottom right-hand of the screen and you will be taken to the payment page. Be sure to select “Personal” as the filter type (next to the Geofilter name), and name your geofilter something recognizable so you can check back to see your metrics.


9. Enter your credit card information and agree to Snapchat’s terms of use and then hit “Submit” to purchase your geofilter! You will receive an email confirmation that your geofilter has been submitted, and another email when it is approved and charged.


  1. Give yourself 4-5 days (at least) before the event to make sure your filter is approved by Snapchat, or you have time to make changes to it if it is not approved.
  2. If you need to cancel your geofilter, do so right away! Snapchat will charge your form of payment very soon after your filter is approved, which usually happens within a few hours of submission. If you do need to cancel after your geofilter has been submitted, approved and charged, you can receive a refund as long as your geofilter has not started running. If you cancel a geofilter after it has started running, you will not receive any refunds.
  3. Filters can only start on the hour (4 PM, not 4:30 PM), so I usually suggest starting your filter a little earlier than your event time is scheduled to start. This gives you a little buffer to ensure that your geofilter is working properly before the party starts, and also is a fun way for guests to kill some time before the actual ceremony, party or event begins.

If you’re looking for some great, custom Snapchat geofilters for your bridal shower, bachelorette party or wedding day, definitely check out The Better Bride Etsy shop!

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