My Biggest Wedding Day Regret

I hate thinking, “I wish I did ______ at my wedding,” and really try to never say or think it because my wedding day was truly *almost* perfect, but there is one, huge regret I have from my big day.

I really wish I made a photo list.


Now, there are a few things that occurred leading up to my wedding day that made me – the most planning-obsessed bride I know – decide to not do this one, very critical step in the wedding planning process.

First, this wasn’t something my photographer ever requested or mentioned, and I really did trust my photography wholeheartedly. I know I had a few specific photos I wanted, like ones with our grandmothers, a first look with my dad and husband before the ceremony, etc., and I knew I wouldn’t forget to mention those to my photographer, so I felt like making a list seemed to dramatic.

I also didn’t want to seem like some overbearing, crazy bride who didn’t trust her photographers. I had, up to this point, been emailing most of my vendors multiple times a day, making and re-making timelines for my wedding party, and mostly micromanaging every other aspect of my big day. Creating a detailed photo list and sending that to my photographer seemed like going over the deep end…big time.

So, despite what Pinterest and The Knot Wedding Checklist told me, I did not create a photo list and entered into my wedding day with the full expectation that everyone important knew what photos we needed to get that day.

Well, I was wrong.

Turned out my biggest mistake was never communicating with my future husband about what photos he should have asked for, and so we ended up not getting any solo picture of my groom with his parents.

We also didn’t really get full family portraits, like with grandmothers, cousins and extended family. I’m not as upset about this one, since that would have taken a lot of time to gather all these people, but if we had coordinated it ahead of time, it would have been nice to have.

Luckily, like I said, almost everything else that happened that day was amazing and perfect, and we got thousands of beautiful photos that I still stare at today. My husband ended up getting some professional photos with his parents at his sister’s wedding, which was really sweet of her to let us do, so we both feel better knowing he has some really great photos with his mom and dad to treasure forever.

Looking back, I see now that I should have:

  1. Talked to my husband about what photos he really wanted to have at our wedding.
  2. Made a quick list of the photos we wanted from our wedding (even if they were all so obvious at the time) so that both our main photographer and his second shooter knew what to look and ask for during the craziness of the big day.

Moral of the story: go with your gut!

If you really feel like you should make a photo list, double (or triple) confirm a vendor, or just make one last phone call before the big day, do it! Maybe people will think you’re overstepping or being a little extra, but the peace of mind you’ll have is way more important than appearing like a “chill bride” to your vendors.

The truth is you could spend hours on your wedding day trying to get every single last photo you think you need or want to remember the big day. While some are truly important, like ones with your parents, at the end of the day you can’t physically get *every* photo you think you want, and you really don’t need them all anyway!

Having a DropBox filled with photos doesn’t mean the memory of your wedding day will be any stronger than if you didn’t even hire a photographer. The photos are nice to have, but the most important thing to walk away from your wedding day with is an amazing new partner for life.

(That was sooooo cheesy but it’s true!)

Do you have any wedding day regrets? Let me know what you would have done differently looking back now in the comments!

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