How to Make an Engagement Ring Cupcake Display

For our engagement party in June 2015, I knew I wanted a huge, gorgeous cupcake display in the shape of an engagement ring. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and inevitably came up with my own.


I absolutely loved how it turned out and wanted to share it with Pinterest as soon as the party was over. I didn’t have any sort of blog or website to share it back then, so I instead just uploaded it to Pinterest in the hopes of anyone seeing it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 4.38.36 PM

Well – people saw it!

My original pin has now appeared 405,302 times on Pinterest, with 17,931 closeups and 2,383 saves. I was so proud to see my little engagement ring cake had inspired so many!

Since I now have this great blog to share more information on, I’d love to share my own little tutorial on how to create your own version of my engagement ring cupcake display!



  • 31 cupcakes (We bought pre-frosted cupcakes from Wegmans)
  • Large silver sugar sprinkles (like these)
  • Mini diamonds to decorate cupcakes and sprinkle around center (Here are some from Party City)
  • “She said yes!” sign for center of ring (I download mine from here)


  1. Arrange the cupcakes into a large diamond ring on a large cutting board, or right on the table where you will be displaying it. You can start with the top of the “diamond” being two rows of six cupcakes each, and then a third row with just four cupcakes.
  2. Under the third layer of four cupcakes, begin to create a large circle to make the “ring” part of the engagement ring.
  3. Once the ring is created, put the “She said yes!” sign in the center of the ring part.
  4. Sprinkle the mini diamond around the border of the sign inside the ring part.
  5. Use the silver sugar sprinkles to decorate the “diamond” portion of the cupcake ring, which are those top three rows. You can also use some of the leftover mini diamonds on these too, but make sure you tell guests to remove them before enjoying the cupcake!
  6. Enjoy your gorgeous cupcake ring!

I hope you enjoy your engagement ring cupcake display as much as I enjoyed mine, and please feel free to share photos of your creation and tag @thebetterbride on Instagram, or @jjarrighi on Pinterest!


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