How to Include Your Groom’s Favorite Things on Your Wedding Day

Most brides probably fall victim to the same things I did while planning my wedding – finding hundreds incredible and amazing ideas that incorporated all your favorite things into your wedding day…and then realize you forgot to ask your hubby-to-be what he wanted on your big day.

It happens more easily than you might think!


Most grooms don’t think about what the cocktail napkins will look like or what songs should be playing while guests are finding their seats, but you do want your wedding to be a true representation of the two of you as a couple, and not just the bride’s favorite things.

Here are a few ways you can let your man get involved in the planning process and truly shine on your wedding day.


One thing my hubby was really interested in helping with was deciding what he and his groomsmen would wear on our big day.

I really loved that Chase and his guys decided the investment in some custom made suits was worthwhile. They used Indochino and had a really great experience with their products and customer service.

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

In the end, the guys picked some gray suits with a gray vest, but Chase let them each do whatever they wanted with the inside of the jackets and back of the vests, which was a fun way for each guy to show their own personalities.

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.
Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

Chase also was really adamant about the guys all have the same ties, but him having a slightly different one to stand out. We went with some solid, navy blue ties from Tie Bar for his groomsmen, and Chase got a navy blue and white polka dot tie for himself.

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.
Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

It was definitely cute to see Chase get excited about deciding what he and his friends would wear, and since they guys were all heavily involved in picking out various aspects of their outfits, you could tell everyone felt comfortable and confident during our wedding day.

Interests & Hobbies

Chase has a few main hobbies and interest in his life, including all things superheroes. After we got engaged and began planning, one of the first things Chase told me he wanted to do was take a photo with all his groomsmen in their suits and superhero shirts underneath.

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

The guys spent plenty of time deciding who would wear what shirt for their big photo moment, and in the end it turned out really great!

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

I also was able to surprise Chase with another superhero moment during our wedding day, which I was really proud about. I wanted to find some way to incorporate Chase’s love for Captain America into our reception, and at first thought about getting a surprise groom’s cake, but was afraid we would have so much leftover dessert with an entire extra cake.

So instead, I contacted our cupcake baker and asked her to add the Captain American shield design onto our red velvet cupcakes. She loved the idea and the cupcakes turned out so great!

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

I loved surprising Chase with the cupcakes turning our sneak peek of the reception area, and I could tell it meant a lot to him that I took the time to incorporate some of his interests and personality into our wedding day.

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.


One thing Chase and his friends are known for is killing it on the dance floor, so we made sure our DJ knew to play everything and anything they wanted. (Also special shout out to Black Tie Entertainment for being the BEST wedding DJ!)

Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.
Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

We can honestly say we haven’t seen a more entertaining dance floor since our big day, and it was so great to see Chase and his friends totally enjoying themselves, and getting the rest of the crowd up on their feet too.

I think it’s easy for brides to get locked into their “own vision,” but it’s important to find out what your almost-hubby wants to see or have at his wedding – yes, it’s his wedding too!

20160625_2491MB (1).jpg
Photo credit Sam Stroud Photography.

Don’t be afraid to ask him if there’s certain clothes, accessories, food or music he wants incorporated that is meaningful to him. He might just surprise you with an incredible idea that make your special day even more incredible.

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