Why You Should Have a Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

If you haven’t noticed from my posts already, I like planning. Whether it’s what my husband and I are doing for the day or what a group of friends are doing for a weekend, I always make a plan.

While some might think this is unnecessary (and I’ll admit, sometimes it is!), having a plan in place to help guide you and your friends during a weekend of fun is never a bad idea.


I love creating colorful and fun itineraries for my friends’ bachelorette parties and they are always a hit with the guests. Not only are the fun to look at, but they also have a ton of great info to help give the girls a better idea of what to expect during their weekend. I’ve also received rave reviews of my packing lists too – who doesn’t want to be prepared for what a weekend will entail?!

If you’re looking to DIY your own bachelorette itinerary, here are some of my top tips:

1. Pick a Theme

Having at theme will always help pull all your ideas together better. Whether it’s a wine-focused weekend or a fiesta celebration, having a theme in mind will help determine what kind of weekend you’re planning as well as help steer your itinerary to reflect this theme better.

2. Plan As Much as Possible

I always like to ensure that there is very little downtime when I plan a bachelorette party, simply because I always want to ensure everyone feels that they’re getting the most bang for their buck. Bachelorette weekends are expensive these days! Between flights, AirBnBs or hotels, alcohol and dining out – it adds up quickly. I would hate to have a group of girls feel like they shelled out a ton of cash to sit around and watch Real Housewives reruns while eating cold bagels on the couch.

In my itineraries, I like to include all our activities to girls know ahead of time what to expect. That way they’re prepared for a day lounging by the pool or an afternoon of winery hopping.

Try to include times in your itinerary as well. This helps girls a better idea of the flow for the entire trip, and definitely helps with things like booking flights.

3. Create a Packing List

It might seem a little excessive, but I have yet to have a girl tell me she didn’t like having a packing list in one of my itineraries. Packing for a trip that you didn’t plan yourself can be stressful, so I try to help the girls out by including everything I think they will need for each day of the trip.

This way they don’t show up with sweats and PJ’s for a fancy brunch, or only pack outfits for going out and have nothing to wear while lounging around the house.

4. Include Addresses & Websites

I always like to include address to the places we’ll be visiting during our bachelorette party weekend, as well as the website links for particular places as well. This can include the rental house or hotel you’re staying at, any restaurants or bars you’re going to, and any additional places you’ll be stopping at like a spa or winery.

Especially for girls with food allergies or sensitivities,  making sure people have a chance to check out restaurant menus ahead of time can be very beneficial!

Do you love the idea of a bachelorette itinerary but don’t have the slightest clue how to put one together? Check out my Etsy shop for customizable bachelorette party itineraries!

I currently have three intinerary options:

Fiesta Theme


Pink Wine Theme


Red & White Wine Theme


However, I am happy to create a custom itinerary for you if you have a theme in mind or are looking for something else!

Feel free to contact me on Etsy with any requests or questions you have.

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