DIY Wine Milestone Gift Basket

My love language is definitely gifts. I love to receive gifts, but gifts are also the way I show other people how much I care about them or I’m thinking about them.

Bridal shower gifts are no exception and I love to go out of my way to get a bride-to-be something special and unique.


For my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, I knew I wanted to get her something she and her future husband would use and love, but wasn’t just a generic baking sheet set.

I knew that they were huge wine lovers, and once I found these adorable Marriage Milestone Wine Labels from The City Hippie Studio Etsy shop, I knew a cute collection of special occasion wines for their first year of marriage was the best gift. I thought these wine labels were so pretty, but the customization of adding the couples new last name on these was such a nice touch too.


I especially loved these wine labels because, unlike some other “milestone” wine gifts I’ve seen, these were all for occasions that could happen within your first few months or a year or marriage. This way you’re not staring at wine bottles marked “First House” or “First Baby” for years waiting to pop the cork!

After I got the wine labels and the wine, I knew I needed to wine some sort of basket to put them all in for the shower. I ended up finding an awesome storage bin at World Market that fit four wine bottles perfectly with some extra space for some fun cocktail napkins.


I knew too this would be a great storage bin for after the party as well, so the gift would serve multiple purposes! Unfortunately I can’t find this exact storage bin on the World Market website anymore, but they have some really cute baskets and other wire/tin storage bins that would work great.

Obviously my sister-in-law loved it! The gift is not only thoughtful, but something unique and fun for a couple to enjoy during their first year of marriage.

Be sure to check out The City Hippie Studio’s Etsy shop to find these adorable wine labels and more!

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