Why You Should Reconsider Baby’s Breath for Your Wedding

Any bride on a budget with undoubtedly have a “What the @%!&” moment when you realize how ungodly expensive wedding flowers are.

I know the more traditional approach to wedding flowers is that every bridesmaids has an elaborate bouquet, and every reception table has a bunch of other flowers, and then you also add some arrangements to the aisle and ceremony location too.


Truth be told though, all these bouquets and arrangements add up quickly ($$$$) and will only last you about a week or two after the wedding!

I’m not saying you should go no-flowers for your wedding, but if you’re on a budget like I was, this is certainly an aspect of the planning process where you can get creative and find ways to cut costs.

giphy 2.gif

I definitely had very practical flower goals in mind for my own wedding, but I didn’t want my ceremony or reception to seem lackluster with zero florals either, so trying to find the right balance was definitely tricky.


After deciding on my own bouquet and some arrangements for either side of alter, we were left with trying to decide what we could do for our bridesmaids and reception tables that would keep us under budget.

Enter in Baby’s Breath!


Baby’s Breath is certainly thought of most often as an accent to many bouquets, but on its own it can also be a really soft and beautiful arrangement. Even better, its price is very appealing, and you can even buy them in bulk at places like Costco or Sam’s Club if you’re looking to DIY your flowers.


We ended up having our florist do Baby’s Breath bouquets for all my bridesmaids, and then our decorator took them apart after the ceremony to add to the reception tables that also featured lanterns, candles and vases.

IMG_3192 (1)

I was worried at first that they would seem a little womp-womp after Pinteresting so many gorgeous bouquets, but they actually went along with our wedding’s rustic feel quite well and no one thought any differently of our monochromatic bouquets!

IMG_3293 (1)

If you’re looking for a way to save some money but still have the floral accents you were hoping for on your big day, definitely consider using Baby’s Breath!

Thank you to Sam Stroud Photography for all the gorgeous images in this post!

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