4 Things To Not Do On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a really amazing and memorable day that goes by so, so, SO fast. It’s important you take care of yourself so you can really enjoy every single second!

I have seen so many brides make some terrible mistakes when it comes to what they do, eat or drink on their big day. These seemingly small actions end up becoming a regrettable decisions – but you don’t have to make the same ones!


Here are my top five things to NOT do on your wedding day:

1. Eat Nothing

I feel like this is the most common mistakes I see brides make. After all the stress of finding the right wedding dress and going through fitting after fitting, they think the best way to ensure they look gorgeous on their big day is to put off eating until the reception. Wrong!

This not only leaves your body completely deprived of nutrients and energy all day, but once you do start eating, you’ll most likely eat too much and/or fast and get sick, or become immediately tired and sluggish.

2. Eat Too Much

On the other end of the spectrum are brides who have been eating nothing for months and as soon as the wedding day arrives, they dive into the breakfast buffets with abandon and celebrate the fact that they are finally done with their strict “wedding dress” diet.

This is a terrible idea for a number of reasons. Not only could you get sick from eating all the foods you’ve been restricting yourself from the last few weeks or months, but the last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is bloated and uncomfortable from a bagel binge! Save the carb celebrating for the honeymoon and stay sensible on your wedding day instead. You can certainly treat yourself to one or two things (maybe wait for your reception meal or wedding cake?) but not is not the time to let all hell break lose.

Photo Credit: Sam Stroud Photography

3. Drink Too Much

Obviously you should have fun on your wedding day, but I’ve always thought that this day is far too special to forget any second because you’ve had too many signature cocktails. My best advice is to enjoy a mimosa with your bridesmaids in the morning, have a drink to calm your nervous before the ceremony, and then stick to just a few beverages during your reception.

Honestly, you’ll find it hard to get more than a few sips into any drink before someone wants to say hi, take a photo or whisk you away to your next duty as the belle of the ball, but just keep in mind that you want to enjoy the entire day responsibly. Don’t forget, this will be a longggggg day, so you’ll want to keep having some water in between your glasses of champagne too!

4. Try to Handle Everything

If you’re a hands-on bride like myself, giving up control can be difficult at times. However, your wedding day is not the time to micromanage! You have put in all the legwork to creating an amazing day, and now is the time to enjoy it – not obsess over who is late to what and which vendors aren’t answering your texts.

You’ve most likely hired an amazing day of coordinator, or your venue has supplied one for you, so let them do their job (which you’re most likely paying them to do!) and take the backseat for just one day. Honestly, things might not go 100% as planned, but you’ve got people ready to tackle any issue on your behalf! Don’t try to be in charge of every little thing that goes on, and instead focus on the people around you ready to celebrate and the wonderful person who wants to spend the rest of his or her life with you.

There is SO much happening on your wedding day – it’s ok to feel overwhelmed! What you don’t want to do is like the stress/excitement/anxiety take over you and force you to make poor decisions that could impact this incredible day.

Take a deep breath, enjoy your morning mimosa and remember that this is just like any other day, only a little more amazing.

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